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We rely on sustainability!

"Sustainability" is a term that has its origins in forestry, but is nowadays a central topic for forward-looking construction industry standards. Like no other sector, the construction industry is a key element in direct connection with the successful pursuit of sustainability.

Sustainable construction practices and the ecological attributes of a building are becoming ever more important, in particular due to increasingly scarce resources and awareness for the environment. As safe it GmbH, we therefore rely on sustainable construction practices and prepare intelligent and energy-efficient building concepts.

Sustainability covers all lifecycle phases of a property. As a construction contractor, we therefore strive to mitigate the environmental impact of building construction as much as possible, starting with the construction of buildings characterized in particular by enduring and high-quality building materials. By minimizing the impact on the environment, up to the lifecycle phase during which buildings are remodeled or dismantled, we look for ways to feed the employed resources back into the raw material stream.

We give our customers substantial value-added by building sustainably. Through that can accrue some additional costs, but they do have a long-term payback, and may even result in maintenance and energy cost savings.

By looking at sustainability from a comprehensive point of view, we create long-term solutions that create value for real-estate even without our involvement.

By relying on the targeted use of leading-edge technologies and sustainable overall concepts, we then create profitable investments for investors and homes for private clients that retain their value.

Our efforts to strive for sustainability also extend beyond our customers, make a significant contribution to society, and give future generations high quality of life by protecting the environment.