More options for your floor design


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Design flooring to glue
For a durable and individual floor solution.

Accessories: Even more options for your floor design

  • Borders: Whether you want to use the work or home collection, borders can be applied to all decors. We offer in 8 different patterns in our standard program, which allows you to achieve a visually appealing transition between different decors.
  • Design joint profiles: If you want to emphasize the decor you have selected or underline the natural look, then joint profiles are perfect. 14 different decors and 4 different standard widths allow you a great deal of creative freedom. Especially we recommend the use of joint profiles in tile decor to make the floor look as real as possible.
  • Accent stripes: In addition to the joint profiles, we also offer accent strips in 5 different colors to create certain effects or contrasts.