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Adhesive notes:

  • Which adhesive is the right one: The simplest method of installing a vinyl floor is gluing by using a roll-on adhesive. A reliable result is achieved with this gluing method from the class of "tacky film gluing" products.
  • Roll adhesives:
    Schönox iFloor
    Wakol D3330
  • Wet bed adhesives:
    Bostik Findley Power-Elastic
    Kiesel Okatmos Star 110
    PCI PKL 326 Schönox Durocoll
    Wakol D3318 MultiFlex
    Eurocol 643 Eurostar Fibre
    Mapei Ultrabond ECO V4 SP FIBER
    Thomsit K 188S Uzin KE 66
    Wulff Supra-Strong + Ultra-Strong

    Use of another adhesive requires obtaining a written release from us and from the adhesive manufacturer.

  • We recommend the following procedure to minimize the dimensional change behavior of the flooring:
    1. Subfloor preparation: Prepare in accordance with VOB DIN 18365. You must in this case also follow the installation instructions from the relevant manufacturer. This is mandatory!
    2. Acclimatization: The flooring must be acclimatized for at least 48 hours in the room the flooring will be installed. No direct sunlight onto the installation surface before, during, and 12 hours after installation.
  • Floor structure: Various components such as adhesive primer, leveling compound, filling compound, adhesive, etc. are needed depending on floor type. In order to avoid risks, we recommend using all required products from the same manufacturer.