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Cleaning and care:

  • Preventing dirt and damage:  In order to protect flooring against extreme dirt buildup or mechanical damage, we recommend using carpeting or matting in these locations. Retrofitted felt gliders are required for additional protection against scratches, etc. caused by moving furniture. Office chairs must be equipped with soft double swivel rollers of "Type W (soft)" iaw. DIN 68131.
  • Ongoing cleaning and maintenance: The flooring can be cleaned with conventional brooms and vacuum cleaners. If the flooring needs to be wiped, be sure to use a PU-compatible cleaning agent.
  • Thorough cleaning:  A thorough cleaning will be needed from time to time to address heavy dirt buildup. For this purpose, we recommend using the "Grundreiniger R" from Dr. Schutz in diluted form. The floor must then be wiped and neutralized with hot water to prevent any remaining residue of "Grundreiniger R". Additional protection for the floor can be achieved by subsequently applying a finish sealer. If floor treatments from other manufacturers are used, please consult the relevant floor treatment manufacturers. If you have any other questions, please consult the technical hotline for Dr. Schutz(Bonn; Tel.: +49 228 9535 20, oder, for the proper cleaning and care of your flooring.
  • Finish sealer:  Due to the finish sealer already applied by the factory, an initial finish sealer is not necessarily required after installation. A high-quality PU sealer system from Dr. Schutz can however be applied depending on the application and the expected foot traffic. This gives the flooring additional protection against mechanical wear during daily use. A subsequent seal can be applied at any time if the need arises based on signs of wear. However, this requires a prior thorough cleaning as described above.
  • Care and protection in high-wear zones:
    Retail stores, walking zones: We recommend applying a suitable PU sealing system prior to first use in zones with increased expected foot traffic.
    Hairdresser salons, car dealerships:  In these cases, we recommend using the spot and dye-resistant PU sealer system "Anti-Color" from Dr. Schutz in order to counteract discoloration or softener propagation.
    Healthcare: We recommend using the PU sealer system in all areas where hand and surface disinfectants are used. This gives the flooring optimum long-term protection and prevents the possibility of discoloration due to disinfectants.