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  • General information: Sustainability and future-proof development are a top priority for our products and processes. At the same time, we ensure that we only supply non-health hazardous products, which is confirmed in regular testing.
  • Environmental protection:  Our suppliers greatly value the environmental compatibility of all processes and products. We give you our assurances that we take all steps to protect the environment and to prevent harmful influences.
    The long service life in conjunction with low maintenance effort and regular cleaning also contributes to the good overall footprint of the energy used during production.
  • Ambient climate:  The flooring products from our suppliers are regularly tested for emissions in order to eliminate any influence on the ambient climate in public and private buildings. As a guarantee for this, all products carry the "Indoor Air Comfort Gold" certificate. This demonstrates that all specified emission values are adhered to and that all voluntary quality standards are additionally met. The "M1" test method additionally confirms the absence of formaldehyde and ammonia.
  • Softeners:  For consumer comfort, our suppliers produce their flooring products with softeners that are free of so-called phtalates. One of the employed alternatives is Hexamoll® DINCH®, which was specifically developed by BASF for applications with immediate human contact.