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Private living areas combined with eye catching business spaces

Commercial, industrial, and public buildings

The planning and construction requirements are becoming increasingly complex in the commercial as well as the public construction sector.

Prominent designs and structures are not only expected to meet functional, technical, and economic requirements, but additionally need to address aesthetic aspects while also contending with generally applicable architectural issues. Commercial or public use structures need to be accurately customized to their function and must be matched to requirements.

Strong city growth and the integration of shopping, trade, and living in one building calls for integrated concepts that definitively match the individual functions to each other. Companies such as safeit GmbH are indispensable in this case. We create clear framework conditions and facilitate the professional implementation of a construction project. In combination with careful construction practices, we ensure that each of your buildings represents a long-term investment, while at the same time conveying a professional image and making a favorable impression on visitors.

Commercial construction

As a general contractor or full-service contractor, we implement energy-efficient and sustainable buildings.

We support private building owners and investors from the first draft to the key handover. We analyze all aspects of a building and look for the best solution together with you to ensure that you end up owning a building that is structurally compelling and retains its value over the long-term.

Our objective is to fully exploit the available optimization potential during all project phases. In particular during the initial project stages, this means identifying risks and opportunities and creating the best possible organizational structures. This facilitates on-time construction and makes the desired quality attainable. We are your contact for the competent implementation of your property and give you transparent and constructive decision-making tools.