Bathroom under roof
Appealing home residence through interior improvements

Interior improvements and detail solutions

In addition to an attractive building skin, the interior improvements are the central element that give a building its utility and an appealing overall impression.

As safeit GmbH, we develop and implement living and workspaces that are tailored to your needs and based on your personal preferences. In addition to aesthetics, we place great value on functionality based on the motto "form follows function". We do so by working together with you to develop unique solutions and by preparing concepts that facilitate the maximized use of space.

In addition, we attempt to combine individual elements with each other, e.g. stairs and cabinets. As a result, we are able to make effective use of available space and give mundane elements a design function to create harmonious living areas.

In doing so, we pay particular attention to user friendliness and ergonomics. Both work organization and working conditions are simplified by the targeted use of ergonomics and the deliberate arrangement of space, thus optimizing the working environment to facilitate the attainment of effective work results.

In addition to fixed installed Elements, we also supply furniture and fixtures such as chairs and tables. Find out more about this under: HPL applications

Planning and installing drywall construction

Successful interior improvements only work where the participating trades collaborate closely and make definitive arrangements.

In order to ensure smooth workflows, we take care of the interface coordination as the general contractor and offer planning and execution as a single source. As a result, the work is simplified and completed on time.

Depending on the requirement, we supply beside standard products like drywall and gypsum fiber panels also suitable material such as wood, glass, or metal, and will employ all construction measures for the complete interior improvements.

In addition, we offer decorative surface designs with effect and textured finishes that give rooms a special character. For instance, this includes the Venetian plaster troweling technique. This gives walls a marble-like and luxurious appearance. A textured plaster is another option. It gives walls a rustic and sophisticated look. There is also the concrete-effect plaster, scratch plaster, glazing technique, etc.

There are a wide range of choices. We would be delighted to advise you. We will gladly assist you with your room designs.

Ceiling systems and ceiling design

In addition to standard drywall construction, we also offer a large variety of ceilings in four categories:

  • Choice of materials: metal, gypsum, or wooden ceilings
  • Choice of systems: panels, grid, lamella, cassette ceilings, etc.
  • Choice of function: acoustic, light, or air-conditioning ceilings
  • Choice of designs: Custom form element and designer ceilings with rounded or stepped ceiling fields.

Depending on customer need, we regularly develop new ceiling concepts and solutions for customized space design.

Office and retail construction

The visual appearance of offices, retail stores, or restaurants are the face and interface point for any business.

In order to give these an appealing and inviting design, we provide thought through solutions that implement your specific design requirements. In doing so, we place special attention on giving offices and work areas sufficient light and an appropriate ambient climate to achieve an optimized operating climate and the desired work results.

Retail space design needs to ensure the comfort of guests to create a successful sales environment. In addition to aesthetics and an appealing design, this can only be achieved by demanding that an interior design must do more than "simply" looking good. In addition to the overall appeal, we therefore also ensure a high degree of functionality. Aesthetics and functionality do not represent a contradiction for us – instead, we implement construction projects that maximize the use of space based on total concepts and detailed solutions.