Luxury dwellings through quality building
Enjoyable living with your dream object

Single-family or duplex single-family dwellings

We are your partner in building your home.

In customized collaboration, we will build the home that meets your specific expectations. Will support you during all phases of your projects and provide turnkey construction project, or can also offer partial services. We offer various support choices, and will take care of all necessary aspects on your behalf, so that you end up with a building that is structurally compelling and retains its value over the long term. With us, every construction project is in reliable hands. Feel free to talk to us about your ideas.

Serial house family dwellings

In collaboration with project and city developers, we design residential parks and identify ideal locations for serial houses.

This results in residential parks that in many cases fill entire city sections with new life. When selecting sites, we pay particular attention to good public transportation access and automobile traffic connections. Our plans makes owning a home in the city affordable for young and old. You too can transform yourself from a tenant into a proud home owner.

Multi-family dwellings

The economic use of space has become a very important topic in today's world, where an increasing number of people live in the city.

Space is limited and properties are becoming increasingly expensive. These changes increasingly demand reliance on multi-family dwellings to make more efficient use of the available space.

In an effort to give one's own four walls that special living and quality feel in this constellation, we develop and build multi-family dwellings that are high in quality and systematically thought through.

A special emphasis for this is placed on:

  • maintaining privacy

  • facilitating design variety
  • multi-functional utility


Our multi-family dwelling concept in particular includes:

  • barrier free environmental design, such as passenger elevator

  • good noise insulation due to the use of solid construction materials
  • entrance doors with tested resistance classes with fire, noise, forced entry protection
  • high energy efficiency in order to facilitate low incidental expenses
  • highly efficient construction engineering designs and customized architectural solutions