Construction refurbishment planning
New building through reshape & refurbishment

Building expansions / living space remodeling

The desire to advance in life and to make better use of available resources requires constant changes that facilitate a new quality of life.

As safe it GmbH, we assist private owners and property owners to fully tap into the potential of your real-estate. We use the initial meeting to prepare a requirements and construction analysis to estimate the scope and costs. With your input, we then develop design ideas to allow for the best possible use of space and to create a cozy and pleasant living ambiance. Based on thought-through building plans and bold upgrades, we create stylish remodeling projects and floor additions.


In addition to improving and expanding rooms, we place special attention to the remodeling of unused areas of a property. Unexpected opportunities for living space frequently lie dormant, e.g. in the attic. We can make such space usable with quality craftsmanship and creative ideas. The resulting homes are upgraded, become brighter, and more user-friendly as a result of remodeling project. Do you also wish to make more comprehensive use of your real-estate?