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Let your building shine again through our inovative room & design concepts

Total and partial renovations of residential space

There are many reasons for a renovation. For instance, due to the purchase of an old building, due to many years of use, repurposing of rooms, or because the living space simply no longer meets the present needs and now calls for an updated and barrier-free layout.

In a first step, we take a look at various versions of a renovation and prepare a requirements and construction analysis. This allows us to determine the timeframe and budget to give customers the necessary background information for making a decision. Once a decision has been made whether renovating is worthwhile, or whether new construction would be more cost-effective, we develop professional and customized solutions for any type of upgrade or repurposing. The design also allows room for integrating old and materials. By paying attention to construction engineering details and by coordinating the individual measures, we create new living comfort and allow the old to shine in new light, thus giving your living space entirely new value and a quality that can be felt.

Facade renovations

Due to unrelenting weather conditions, the façade is the element of a building that is subject to the highest loads.

Our approach is to give buildings a façade that ensures long-term value retention and a healthy living climate. We therefore place significant value on sustainable renovations. As a result, our façades must be maintenance-free, customized, and energy-efficient. We supply a professional implementation based on a technologically mature system known by the term: "Rear-Ventilated Facades (RVF)".

This is a highly effective construction engineering design and consists of a support structure onto which the façade material will be installed. As a result, the weather protection is clearly segregated from the insulation, resulting in natural back ventilation.


The vapor barrier-free structure mitigates the risk of mold damage and facilitates the transfer of capillary moisture. This has the additional advantage that even corrosion can be stopped in old masonry.

RVF not only addresses the increasing energy efficiency requirements, but also allows for a maximum of design variety and user-oriented construction methods. Our most frequently used façade cladding material is known by the name HPL (abbreviation for high-pressure laminate).


In a fire emergency, it retains its strength for a long time and is nonflammable. In addition, it is resistant to the effects of moisture, frost, UV light, heat, impact loads, and vandalism. The surface is easy to maintain and clean, odor-neutral, and resistant to solvents. As a result, we are able to create façades that are attractive, timeless, and easy to maintain.

Take advantage of our experience and technical expertise for renovating your property, and explore a new dimension of quality and longevity.