Beleuchtete Fensterfront
Improve the overall look with beautiful windows & doors

Windows and doors

We work with reputable aluminum and synthetic elements that have profitable attributes.

As a result, our windows and doors offer more than pure functionality for opening and closing, but also permit substantial design freedoms that raise the bar in terms of design standards. In addition to color variety, a wide range of characteristic details, such as window grilles, rounded or arched windows, triangular, gable, or bay designs can be implemented. Even generously proportioned glass areas or lift-sliding doors are possible. Moreover, the homogenous surfaces and flush mounted glass rails ensure effortless and easy cleaning.

In addition to their designs, our products also compel with their construction. The trusted multi-cavity profile design meets even the most demanding thermal insulation specifications. This not only creates a pleasant ambient climate in any weather, but also helps to reduce the energy consumption of a building.

Our products already provide good noise protection in the standard configuration, allowing you to feel completely at home and settle back from the daily stress. Beyond this, the windows can of course also be upgraded to the maximum noise protection class. All elements meet the enhanced WK1 forced entry safety standard to provide you with comprehensive security. Forced entry protection can in this case also be customized with special hardware, glazing, and handles.

Garage doors

Whether you are looking for a sectional door, a roll door, or a swing door, we can provide you with proven series products .

The shape of the garage opening plays no role in this case. Our products are matched to each other based on outstanding technology and 100% quality inspections.

From rectangular, to slanted, segmented or arched – we can find the right solution for any installation situation based on our customized offers.


In addition to steel and aluminum lamellas, we can also offer solid wood lamellas as the base material that can be milled to your specific design. A wide range of colors and wood decors are available for the metal surface finish designs. In order to preserve the elegance of the doors as long as possible, the finishes are given a UV-resistant synthetic foil layer on the outward facing side. Additionally, all doors are equipped with a rot-resistant, 4 cm high synthetic frame base. It gives the doors long-term corrosion protection.


Special design elements, such as doors and shapes, or an additional personnel door with trip-free threshold are available in addition to the standard program. Double-walled lamellas are also available if higher thermal insulation values are required. These have a thickness of 42 mm and provide the best available insulation, in addition to outstanding strength and low operating noise. An electrical drive that is conveniently controlled with a remote control or by smartphone can be also installed to maximize convenience.