Home construction - Our benefits, assets and added value
Your assets, benefits, and added value

We provide more value to your building

By ...

  • supporting your construction project, from the initial idea to turnkey handover
  • implementing high-quality construction projects as general contractor or full-service contractor
  • preparing fixed-price total and partial service proposals
  • preparing requirements and construction analyses
  • preparing overall concepts and building solutions
  • project planning and project development
  • providing comprehensive support for planning and selecting building materials
  • developing a construction specification that meets your needs with respect to design, durability, and costs
  • accurately planning and coordinating the construction project to ensure smooth workflows and time savings
  • preparing a properly coordinated overall deliverable to eliminate interface problems between planning and construction
  • Precision, quality, attention to detail

We offer ...

  • long-term quality and cost optimization based on a superior overall deliverable
  • construction monitoring and documentation
  • property management and support
  • integrated planning and innovative, detailed solutions
  • customized living space design that can be adjusted to various needs
  • sophisticated design in combination with user-relevant construction methods
  • barrier-free construction methods
  • effective concepts for protection against noise, fire, weather, heat/cold, and forced entry
  • Expertise based on a wide corporate structure and by leveraging all cost efficiency reserves
  • Construction engineering designs that ensure sustainability and a healthy indoor climate
  • Efficiency, transparency, and reliability
  • On-time processing
  • Guarantee after the building structure is handed over