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HPL Aufbau


HPL panel structure:

  1. Finish overlay as protection for the decor layer.
  2. Printed decor papers in unique colors or a wide range of decors, impregnated with melamine resin.
  3. Core structure: consists of phenolic resin-impregnated kraft papers.

HPL  panel  structure:  Finish  overlay  as  protection  for  the  decor  layer.  Printed  decor  papers  in  unique  colors  or  a  wide  range  of  decors,  impregnated  with  melamine  resin.  Core  structure:  consists  of  phenolic  resin-impregnated  kraft  papers.  HPL  stands  for  high-pressure  decorative  laminates.  As  described  above,  these  panels  consist  of  several  layers  and  made  of  60-65%  cellulose  fibers  (natural  fibers  obtained  from  wood)  and  30-40%  cured  resins.  

The  core  is  composed  of  cellulose  fiber  sheets  (kraft  papers)  that  are  impregnated  with  phenolic  resins.  This  is  capped  by  a  decor  paper  that  is  impregnated  with  melamine  resin  that  cures  under  heat  and  can  be  printed  on  with  uni  colors  or  with  a  graphic  (e.g.  a  metal  or  wood  reproduction).  The  last  layer  consists  of  an  overlay  paper  as  protection  for  the  decor  layer  with  high  resin  absorption  capacity.  The  layers  are  merging  together  under  high  heat  and  high  pressure,  and  as  the  the  reactive  resins  cool  down  and  cure  is  generated  a  homogeneous  material  with  a  closed  surface  and  high  density  and  self  bearing  attributes  with  at  a  certainthickness.

This  results  in  a  duroplastic  compound  material  based  on  resins  and  papers.  The  curable  resins  and  high  pressure  during  manufacturing  result  in  a  unique  and  rugged  material  with  a  highly  durable,  modern,  and  decorative  finish.  For  this  reason,  HPL  with  its  good  attributes  has  become  a  omnipresent  component  of  daily  life  and  is  used  in  a  wide  range  of  applications  and  capabilities