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As a further service, the safeit GmbH offers object-care. If the installation is not part of our duty, we provide observation and escort service for implementing. Should deviations on the construction plans or other spontaneous changes occur, we can immediately intervene and develop and create any required custom solution directly on site. This avoids unnecessary delays and ensures the quality of the final product.

We also offer technical support and associated service on-site. This contains mainly two areas: 1. We take care of technical details and clarify static aspects – this includes for example dowel withdrawal tests or determining the proper positioning and integration of a lightning protection system. 2. We support the construction contractor on site with installation instruction and training. We offer tips for processing and installation as well as tips for implementing complex details and fastener technology.

At the point, when construction work has been completed, we execute inspections in preparation for acceptance, and give order to adjust any identified defects so that the building can be handed over flawless.